AI features coming to iOS 18 and Apple’s other platforms may be exciting for lots of users, but for some, there exist legitimate concerns around privacy.

Apple gets it, and per a new report, the company plans to make certain iOS 18 AI features not only privacy-conscious, but also opt-in only.

Depending on how deeply Apple plans to integrate the chatbot with its software, it also could mean that OpenAI has access to personal information, which could unnerve some users.

But Apple is expected to offer its new AI features as an opt-in service, according to the people familiar with the matter. So wary customers could easily steer clear of them if they’d prefer.

This move makes a lot of sense considering Apple won’t have as much control of how iOS 18’s chatbot works. Since it’s planning to outsource the chatbot function of iOS 18 to companies like OpenAI, and possibly Google, there will be fewer privacy safeguards Apple can build in than what could be provided if they created their own chatbot.

Other AI features of iOS 18, however, will be built entirely by Apple and thus users can take more comfort in whatever privacy narrative the company tells.

Worried about privacy with iOS 18’s AI features? Apple gets it and has a plan

AdminJune 6, 2024

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