Samsung’s new MicroLED TVs cost up to $150K for a 114-inch

Samsung started on a quest to sell massive and massively expensive MicroLED TVs with its modular The Wall design in 2018, and now we have these three options: 89, 101, and 114 inches.

The most “affordable” MicroLED TV offering in the lineup is the $109,999.00 89-inch model, then the 101-inch for $129.999.00, and the biggest one at 114 inches for a whopping $149,999.00. That’s enough to buy a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

Each MicroLED is self-emitting, with no backlight, so it works similarly to OLED but without a similar risk of burn-in while still delivering deep blacks and high contrast. The LEDs are assembled in bezel-less panels so that can also be set up in almost any , as we saw with The Wall displays intended for commercial applications and, for some reason, Dane Cook’s house.

In 2021, Samsung introduced a 110-inch model that looked more like a regular TV with no modular options, which it has continued to iterate on — last year’s lineup even included a 76-inch version.

Samsung’s new MicroLED TVs cost up to $150K for a 114-inch

AdminJune 6, 2024

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